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Our leadership



ROLE: Founder & CEO


HISTORY: An Internet pioneer with over twenty years' experience in technology, business, and marketing, Gus Spathis has created award-winning solutions for some of the most well-known companies today.

Prior to founding Xogito, Gus was CTO of E-Commerce Solutions, where he created a variety of search engines for companies like Excite, iVillage, The New York Times, Deja.com (Google), About.com, and Palm. Before joining E-Commerce Solutions, Gus was with Partsearch Technologies, where he oversaw the creation of the world's first consumer-focused comprehensive parts platform – an achievement that increased the company's negligible revenue to in excess of $20 million in one year.

Earlier in his career, Gus led the Poppe-Tyson Interactive team responsible for the architecture and implementation of the real-time broadcast of the 1997 IBM Deep Blue vs. Kasparov chess match. He also worked with various Fortune 100 clients on the design and launch of their sites, including Priceline, Lending Tree, ING Barings, Web Pilot, Dean Witter, Chase, Citibank, the first Internet-based White and Yellow Pages for Yahoo, and one of the first e-commerce sites, RealCounts.


ROLE: Co-Founder

HISTORY: Aris has over fifteen years' experience in managing and implementing the design, development, and testing of both highly scalable Internet sites and large-scale enterprise software solutions. As Co-Founder of Xogito, he brings his unmatched abilities to articulate ideas and requirements into tangible solutions, define and improve process flows, and leverage technology solutions where most needed.

Before Xogito, Aris implemented mobile, in-house, and public-facing web solutions for a major telecommunications company. He also worked closely with the City of New York to solve their various technical and business-process challenges.

Aris' past work for companies like The New York Times, iVillage.com, About.com, and others, earned him recognition in multiple major magazines and newspapers.


ROLE: Business Development Executive

HISTORY: With over two decades of experience in the technology field, Andreas Spathis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a business developer and client relations expert at Xogito, where he has been a valuable member of the team since 2016.

Throughout his career, Andreas has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive company growth through strategic planning, innovative thinking, and a commitment to delivering exceptional solutions for his clients. Andreas has a demonstrated track record of success, having established long-term relationships with clients and his ability to successfully enter and expand into new markets while simultaneously acquiring new customers.

In addition to his role at Xogito, Andreas Spathis has also served as President and CEO of a technology company, where he was responsible for leading the company's overall strategy and direction. During his tenure, he oversaw significant growth in the company's revenue and market share, and was instrumental in the development and launch of several successful products and services. His experience as a CEO has honed his leadership and strategic planning skills, enabling him to provide valuable insights and guidance to his team at Xogito.

As a skilled manager and collaborator, Andreas is adept at managing client concerns, soliciting feedback, identifying client needs, and working closely with internal teams to ensure the seamless execution of projects. Andreas' extensive knowledge of industry best practices and his proven ability to take on managerial responsibilities make him an invaluable asset to any organization.


ROLE: Head of Talent Operations

HISTORY: Coming from a family of doctors and having an educational background in marketing and economics. Having spent her first professional years in different fields of HR, she found recruitment was her big passion.

In Luxoft, she led an international recruitment team in parallel with a newly developed function for internal company placement of tech experts.

She has been managing the growth and development of Xogito's fully remote team since 2017 when we were still shaping the early remote culture before the pandemic made it a norm. Her years of experience in recruitment, internal mobility, and HR processes make it easy for her to scan and quickly find the best ways to allocate resources in today's crazy tech world.


ROLE: Head of Product & Project Management

HISTORY: Liliana has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in Product Management and holds a PhD in Globalization. She employs an Agile methodology when managing remote, cross-functional distributed teams to deliver top-quality products to stakeholders.

Liliana joined Xogito in 2015 as a senior PM for an ad-server product that was being built from scratch. In recent years, she has been heading the Product & Project Management Department.

Her expertise covers the entire product lifecycle, from discovery to delivery, and includes activities such as business and product competition analysis, product story mapping, user journey, users' pain points and needs, product documentation creation and revision, project roadmaps development, product implementation tracking against specific deadlines, metrics tracking, and reporting.

Liliana also has extensive experience in leading project migrations from Waterfall to Agile. She is highly organized and takes a "get-things-done" approach, with a focus on setting up the process orchestra, providing the right tools, modelling, and optimizing processes and product teams, and ensuring that project implementations align with agreed deadlines.


ROLE: Head of Quality Assurance

HISTORY: As a seasoned Quality Assurance Expert with a master's degree in computer science and over 15 years of experience, Zhasmina has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products on time.

Having worked for renowned Norwegian software companies for 12 years and reaching the position of Head of QA, Zhasmina has extensive experience working with clients and people from all over the world.

Seeking to pursue her passion for travelling and looking for a remote software company to work for, she found the opportunity to further develop her leadership skills as the Head of QA at Xogito while also enjoying the flexibility of being fully office and location independent.


ROLE: VP of Cloud Operations & Technical Support

HISTORY: Viktor Bozhilov is a seasoned manager who has more than 18 years of experience leading and managing IT teams and organizations. He has a demonstrated ability to organize, standardize, and enhance complex organizational structures and processes. Viktor's extensive knowledge and experience in project planning, policy, and process development have been crucial to his accomplishments.

Viktor has hands-on expertise in implementing and administering cloud services, server infrastructure, messaging systems, collaboration tools, and security controls. He is a results-oriented team builder and leader with a strong work ethic and a proven track record of effectively facilitating progressive organizational change, growth, and development.

Throughout his careera, Viktor Bozhilov has worked for top companies in the IT industry, such as DXC, Interoute/GTT, HP Enterprise Services, and Axway. His experience in leading global cross-functional teams in the planning and execution of significant initiatives and events has been essential to his success. At Xogito, Viktor is highly respected for his ability to effectively lead and manage teams, resulting in high levels of productivity and performance.


ROLE: Account Management Executive

HISTORY: Brad has over 15 years of experience building strong customer relationships through excellent communication and interpersonal skills. His ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders has been a key asset in delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed customer needs.

He has managed and sold technical solutions in start-up environments across multiple channels. These include verticals such as HealthCare, Finance, Workforce Management, Transportation, Non-Profit and Education.

His early days as an auditor provided him the experience to work closely with cross-functional teams and has given him strong interpersonal and communication skills allowing him to establish trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders. He takes a creative approach to supporting his customers and ensuring that their needs are always met.

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